View Full Version : Recoil pad for an older 870 Wingmaster?

Hoss Delgado
February 7, 2010, 06:41 PM
I'm trying to find a real recoil pad to put on my dad's old (1958) 870 Wingmaster. At the moment all it has is a thin, hard plate, and it's both too short for me and hard on my shoulder, making it less than pleasant to shoot. I've decided to put a good recoil pad on it, but I think the age of the gun will be a problem. I went to Limbsaver's site and the measurements for their Wingmaster pad are 1.6" x 4.7". When I measured the plate I have, it was 1.6" x 5.0". It's possible I measured it wrong, but it sure didn't seem like 4.7".

So the point of all that is, do I need to get one of those grindable pads? Or is there something (Limbsaver or otherwise) that will fit straight up? And another thing, what's the difference between the precision fit pad and the speedmount pad? I can't really tell.