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February 2, 2010, 12:55 PM
I don't know a lot about guns but a friend of mine has a birthday coming up and he enjoys gun collecting. He uses his guns for target shooting. He just recently got a new Polished RPD 100 shot beltfed rifle and I thought I would get some cleaning supplies for it. He prefers the best of everything he uses so I wanted to know if anyone could help in telling me what are some of the better rifle cleaning supplies for this particular gun?


February 2, 2010, 01:54 PM
As far as cleaning rods I recently got a Tipton Carbon Fiber cleaning rod and I love it. I had a Dewey's coated rod in the past and don't like it anywhere near as much as I like this Tipton. I'm not sure what kind of cleaning stuff you want to get him. For brushes I just have set of Outers brushes from Walmart that came in a kit. Tipton also makes a brush set that's supposed to be very good though.

For jags (I think that's what they are called) I like the ones that are pointed tip that you just put the patch on and push through the barrel. I have a brass one that I like okay and the rest are plastic. I really like the plastic Redhead ones Bass Pro sells. However, it's not rare for me to break the plastic ones. The brass one seems to hold up better but sometimes will give a false reading for copper sometimes. The patch will sometimes come out blue and it just be from the cleaning solution getting on the brass through the patch and turning the patch blue. That's why the plastic ones are nice they don't do that.

February 2, 2010, 02:00 PM
Thank you for your input! I've heard others mention that Tipton rods are good so that helps. :)

Red Tornado
February 5, 2010, 04:05 PM
That's a great thought, and very considerate, but...
If he's really into shooting, I would imagine he has all the cleaning supplies he needs. If you can find out if he is low on something in particular, or wants something specific, that would be great. Otherwise, if he doesn't have it, he probably doesn't really want it.

In general, I've found that when anyone is really into a hobby, be it guns, cameras, cars or whatever, don't try to surprise them with something from their hobby. Feel them out for something very specific, or go a different direction. YMMV.
Good luck,

February 5, 2010, 04:19 PM
Yea go with tipton cleaning rods. I got a dewey rod and came to find out you
need an adapter for most jigs and brushes to even fit. Idk why but they just
do and i was recomended a tipton and I bought a Tipton Carbon fiber rid and
have been really pleased. Dewey rods are great but that thread problem
they have just ruins it for me.

I use brass everything.. Brass jigs (I prefer the ones that punch the cloth for
a umbrella type shape than the ones you put in the hole) To me it feels like
it cleans better. But thats just me. Use a brass or bronze brush nothing else
because if he decides to use it with another gun it might damage it.

But check Midway USA. They are pretty good on prices and are really reliable
I trust them. But i agree with the reply above, better to talk to him and see what he
does and doesnt have and what he wants so you dont get a wrong gift. Doesnt hurt.

So GL and happy birthday to your friend as well.

February 5, 2010, 08:44 PM
I wasn't impressed with my Dewey rod as the coating seemed to wear off very quickly. I didn't know what kind to replace it with when I bent it by accident so I asked online. I heard quite a few guys mention Tipton. So I ended up picking one up and I have to say I love it as I said above.

I also really like the jigs that you called an umbrella type. I don't like the ones so much where you push the patch through the hole either.