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February 2, 2010, 12:45 AM

I'm doing something wrong, and i'd like to hit you folks up for a bit of insight here.

First of all, i'm a fairly experienced shooter, I've settled with .45 and I own several. Among my collection, my most frequent shooters are a Colt Commander (80), Kimber Eclipse (5"), Kimber Pro CDP (4"), and my newest, a Sig Sauer P220R (Compact 220). :D

For the last year, i've been shooting my .45s without using the sights as 'practical' training goes. However, when I use the sights, i'm able to shoot the same hole again, and again, and again. This to me, is how it should be, shooting precision 1911s. All of the before mentioned pistols have high end adjustable sights, and are considered to be 'match grade' weapons.

I'm getting pretty good aiming naturally, and i'm getting good groups at various ranges with all of my .45s.

However, using the sights on my Sig 220, im shooting really low. Bear with me, im kind of a mess here.

Imagine the right and left dots to be the back sights, and the front sight to be the middle dot.

See the attachment: ***.jpg

On my Sig220, i have to move the middle dot high, or i shoot crazy low.
On my 1911s, i have to line the three dots up to shoot on sight.

I think the Sig220 shoots very well naturally, I dont NEED the sights, but im just wondering, is this normal? IS this something other people have experienced?

Feedback me?

February 2, 2010, 01:40 AM
Are your 1911 sights set for 6 o'clock hold, where you "place" the target onto the sights, rather than covering up the target with the sights?

Perhaps the Sig requires you to cover the target with the dots, rather than placing the target on top of the front sight dot.

Just a thought.

February 2, 2010, 07:57 AM
In addition to the above, your sights may be regulated to a certain type of ammo or certain grain of ammo. WWB 230 ball shoots like crap in my SW 4566but it dead on accurate in my Colt 1911.