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January 31, 2010, 10:37 AM
Im set shotgun/hunting wise but I want to get a rifle. I'm torn between the CX4 storm in 9mm or a bushmaster 5.56...Its not for competition just more for basic training exercises/fun. So for those who have one or the other or both any insight on each of the rifles? pros/cons?

January 31, 2010, 09:27 PM
What kind of training are you doing?

If I was going to buy one of those two right now I would get a Ar-15 A2. You can do a whole bunch of after market modifications if you want to make it your own. You can hunt large game with the AR. It just has more uses IMO.

I'm not against the CX4, it's just not a rifle I want right now.

January 31, 2010, 09:56 PM

Shop around, a good AR will cost at least $599 - a CMMG bargain bin is a great start. Or, Colt Defense is now selling AR's nicely equipped for $1100.

The great part about AR's is that we are in a surge of popularity with parts, accessories, and prices all accessible. The build it yourself market even supports doing exactly that - assembling an AR from parts purchased as the buyer sees fit, not as the Marketing Department solicits.

In that regard - the choice of calibers far exceeds that of most single source offerings, and many are tailored to either specific use or enhance the best characterisitics of the 5.56, without it's faults. In it's best light, the AR becomes a great platform with changing calibers, as two or more uppers can be used on the same lower. That's often not an option with other firearms.

Buy an AR, you will get the potential to make it a number of fine firearms - or a worst, have them all anyway.