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January 26, 2010, 04:29 PM
Grasping for information. This is the story, My parents found this old sxs in the attic of their first farmhouse 55 years ago.I am trying to restore it myself and am cleaning the parts as we speak.I am not going to fire the barrels,as the rib states " Genuine Laminated Steel "If I get the gun looking and working well I may invest in a set of Briley inserts in 20 ga or .410 My dad who is getting on in years would get a kick out of seeing it back in working order.The gun is and always has been missing the forearm and right hammer.I do have another gentleman sending me a forearm that he states is the right one.The Shotgun itself has H & D Folsom Arms stamped on the side of it ,the barrels are 30 inches long ,it is in 12 ga.The serial number is 20506 and where the barrels seat it also has a 0 stamped above the serial #.On the bottom of the barrels it has a #2 stamped above the serial #.The barrels also have the term choke bored stamped on them.Wondering if anyone has any diagrams as to the inner workings of the fireing pins and moving parts of the old shotguns .For lack of a better term the Beaver tail that breaks the gun open works but it seems to be loose and not spring loaded as it is pushed from side to side.Also the left firing pin was frozen but after several applications of cleaner is now moving ,but where the hammer contacts the firing pin it is pretty mushroomed and the end of the pin that hits the primer flattened somewhat.Pretty decent engraving on the gun considering that it is not worth much.

James K
January 27, 2010, 12:52 AM
I am glad you recognize that the gun is worth very little. H.& D. Folsom Arms Co. was founded around 1860 and as far as I can determine never made it beyond the 1930's. They made serviceable guns, mainly shotguns, for the low price market. They seem to have been mainly retailers, so whether they did make guns or had someone like Crescent (with whom they merged around 1900) make the guns for them, I don't know.

I do know there is no parts supply, and the variety of double shotguns of that age make it nearly impossible to find parts at gun shows. I don't know of a parts house that even lists Folsom among the brands it has parts for.

Quite honestly, I think trying to locate and buy parts for that gun would be futile and a waste of both time and money; a set of Briley liners would cost far more than the gun would be worth if it were in working condition.

I know what it means to "have a bug" about restoring an old gun, but there are times when it simply is not practical. I would give that old timer an honorable retirement hanging on the wall.


January 27, 2010, 01:30 AM
I've had good luck getting parts for Crescent doubles from Numrich arms. They have quite a bin full of parts for those doubles, both hammer & hammerless. Try gunpartscorp.com.