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January 26, 2010, 01:41 AM
I have a brown precision 338 win mag in need of a new scope. I am either looking at a zeiss conquest, or a leupold vx3 or 2... What do you all recommend? want to stay right around 3-10 or 4-14. Thank you!

January 26, 2010, 07:07 AM
I'd recommend either the VX3 or Conquest over the VXII. I've got the older VXIII scopes and they are better than any of my VXII. Plus with the power range you want it just isn't offered in the VXII line the best you can do is a 3-9 and 4-12 power in the VXII. I've never owned a Zeiss Conquest but I wouldn't hesitate to put one on my rifle if the right deal came along.

January 26, 2010, 07:23 AM
I've been a Leupold guy a LONG time but had a chance to view a NightForce at the range. Loved it!! Recently bought a 3.5x15 and the clarity is stunning!! Surprised me at how clear the reticle is too. Check them out.

January 26, 2010, 11:31 AM
I've been a Leupold guy a LONG time but had a chance to view a NightForce at the range. Loved it!! Recently bought a 3.5x15 and the clarity is stunning!! Surprised me at how clear the reticle is too. Check them out.

I've shot a NightForce scope as well, and it is better than the Leupold VX lines and Zeiss Conquest lines. However for a hunting rifle shelling out the extra $700-900 dollars for the scope isn't worth it. The NF scope isn't that much better to me at the ranges I'll be hunting to justify the extra costs.

I can reach 400 yards easily with the Leupold or Conquest for less money, and save the extra $$$ to pay for an bear, elk or moose hunt with the .338 Win Mag. That $700 would pretty much cover the roundtrip airfare to SE AK for me to do another DIY black bearhunt.

January 26, 2010, 01:10 PM
What do you plan on doing Shooting paper?

Id say go with a Ziess if anything.

But if you do go leupold id say go with at least a VX-IV or VX-III. But I was once looking at leupolds and when you get around the $1000 mark you should kinda start looking at other scopes. Leupolds are great and everything but id rather a NF or a Ziess anyday. They dont even compare.

January 26, 2010, 01:17 PM
Leupold VXIII. Their quality and toughness has been a standard of excellence for decades. I'm just not a Euro kinda guy.

Double J
January 26, 2010, 01:44 PM
Something to keep in mind is eye relief. Not just for recoil, but also for those times when a thick hunting coat will be worn. Lots of these pricey scopes only have 2.5 or 3 inches eye relief, and that varies with the magnification setting. Be sure to pick a scope that fits the job.
--A 3x9 is plenty for the .338 with x14 being a bit much.

January 26, 2010, 03:30 PM
I'm just not a Euro kinda guy.

Im not trying to single you out or anything but this bugs me a lot.

I dont know why people have to juge a product on from where its made
from. I personally think if its made in japan and its a good product then
its a good product Im all for supporting American made products and stuff
and helping our economy but if we really wanna have a good economy
then build better stuff then the rest. I dont feel people should look down
on a product cause its from a certian place and be like oh they suck
they are german kinda thing. Honestly if its a good product its a good
product. Again not trying to single you out or you could have even
meant it in a totally different way.

But i just wanted to jump on that and kinda make it twords the people who
judge things because its not american or from a certian region. Its another
form of rasisim in a way but instead of by race its offending their whole
country trying to get other people to look down on anything or anyone in
a way from that country. And i cant stand when people do that. And talk
down thing people own or are interested in by because of how or where it
was made. If its cr*p its cr*p go ahead talk bad about it. But when you are just
butt hurt to act like a leader and talk out of your a** no one wants to hear you.

(Again not saying any of this tawards Geaux)

sorry just one of my peev's i cant just sit back and ignore :p

January 26, 2010, 03:51 PM
I'm not a fan of the European style of scopes either mainly the large objectives they like to use. That is why I like the Conquest line by Zeiss, it uses a more American style scope with smaller objectives and 1" tubes. I like to mount my scopes as low as possible to my hunting rifles so I usually don't go looking for scopes with larger than 42mm objectives. The 30mm tubes are a little bit of a chore finding rings in stock at the local Big Box Sporting good stores, but easily obtained online or at the specialty gun shops.

January 26, 2010, 08:47 PM
I have a 338 Win Mag with a Leupold VXIII 3X10X50 with a heavy duplex rectile and am very pleased. I have seen some lower end Ziess that were impressive. One big please with Leupold is the customer service is the absolute best.

January 27, 2010, 02:05 AM
I have a couple of zeiss conquest and five leupold VXIII's. Both are excellent scopes, but as far as clarity, I believe the zeiss is a hair better. However, leupolds customer service is next to none. That's why I have five of them. Never had to deal with zeiss customer service. For what it's worth, I believe the conquest is american made. The davari line is not.