View Full Version : gun show report/ missed out on alot :(

January 25, 2010, 12:00 AM
Went to the gunshow in Charlotte this morning and saw a good bit of mosins, some run of the mill 91/30's for 119$ and some for 150$. A finn m28 SKY in kinda rough shape for 250$, and a nice sky and vkt marked m39 for 500$ (probly too much). Also just as i walked in I witnessed a dealer purchase from another dealer 1000 rounds of .303 british ammo in sealed cans on the cloth belt for 300$. I knew who the guy was that bought it because hes at every gun show and he sells .303 at outragoues prices. So about 30 min. later i walk over to his tables and see it on the floor and I ask him how much a can? He says its original WW2 ammo and he'll take 150$ a can of 250 rounds, double what he just paid for it!!! The guy he bought it from doesnt know what he has with alot of stuff... He had some czech 8mm advertised as .308, Aside from me missing out on the deal of the century on that .303 ammo it was a good show i got some rom. 8mm on clips for 90$ a can no tax