View Full Version : Savage 29a vs Henpry pump .22

January 23, 2010, 04:19 PM
Our local gun shop has a Savage 29a pump .22 for sale for $575. This seems a bit pricey, altho the gun is in 90% condition and has a great trigger. For about $450, a new Henry pump .22 of similiar design can be had. (The shop also has 3 Winchester model 61s in great condition, but at $1200-1400, I would not want to shoot them regularly!) Anybody had experience with either of these two rifles? In either case it will be used for the usual .22 tasks: plinking, squirrels, punchin paper

January 24, 2010, 02:00 AM
That is WAY TOO HIGH for the savage and into Winchester price territory. I'd tell him that to his face and look up the current blue book value and pay no more. I'd say offer him 350 CASH for the savage if it's that nice and see if green bills on the table make him change his tune. The Henry is nothing special. You can buy one at a later date. The Savage is just a nice rifle to have and out of production. However they show up used fairly frequently as the are not appreciated by collectors very much. The 29 with checkering and octagon barrel from what I understand is pre war and the round barrel 29A with smooth stock is post war made from 45 or 46 to about 1968 or so. They were a common and popular alternative to Winchester and Remington in their day and made of good materials. If it has the grooved reciever it's probably late production and that's why it didn't get used a lot and is in great shape.

January 24, 2010, 12:19 PM
I had a Henry pump .22 and really would not buy another one. For one thing , it was "short " ------- I am only 5'10" and the butt stock felt like it was for a 10 year old --- other thing was , in rapid fire -- I would get about 1/2 of the rounds misfireing --- and YES , I did try way more then one brand of ammo.
I ended up selling it at a loss to a fellow shooter who thought he could fix the misfire problem -- he never got it to run 100%.