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January 17, 2010, 08:13 PM
While not the most popular of the current breed of pocket sized
.380 caliber pistols.

The Magnum Research MICRO DESERT EAGLE, has gained it's
share of fans along the way, since first being introduced
in 2009.
Based on the Czech designed ZVI KEVIN pistol. You get a
small/compact little pistol featuring a 7 round capacity and Double Action Only trigger system.

According to most gun articles. The well built MDE weighs (give or take an ounce) nearly a pound loaded.

The big problem is not the gun or capacity, but finding a suitable
quality holster for it.

Being a leader in the holster industry.

Michael and his crew at HIGH NOON HOLSTERS, have
offered their Pocket Grabber model for some time now.

My High Noon pocket holster for the Beretta .22/25 didn't
quite fit right.

So, I was very happy to see that new MDE holster from HN, and some test ammo from Double Tap arrive a few days ago.

As you can see. The usual HIGH NOON quality is evident:

Perfect stitching, and a blending of natural and synthetic materials.

The rubber-like black trim is a rough 'bumpy'texture that's designed to grip in your pocket, but not be too sticky- that you can't get the
holster out.


This gives you a very FLAT profile. Much like having a wallet
in your front pocket.

You can draw easily- with the holster staying in the pocket.
(Back pocket carry is feasible, but you don't have complete

The open muzzle allows debris to fall through the holster and
not accumulate around the muzzle, or inside the holster.
Small autos tend to be very sensitive to the dust/lint issue..
more so than revolvers.
However, my intended home for the combo is vest carry.
Having used my first HIGH NOON pocket holster for vest carry
of my old Beretta .22 for a year or so.

I appreciated the stabilizing tail that is used- and the fact that
the HN holster molded exactly to your gun and not
a generic 'fits all' type holster that we see so much of these
You might pay more for a HIGH NOON product, but you get superior
quality, and fit.

This MDE holster is no exception to that statement.
Riding very stable and FLAT. The pocket Grabber is quite nice
in either pocket of my Carhartt arctic vest.

I'm sure that my other vests will readily accept this HIGH NOON
holster when the weather turns warmer.

For right now, the MDE and HN combo feels pretty cozy and

The Pocket Grabber looks great from all angles.

Offering a simple but yet almost elegant piece of leather for your pocket sized pistol (or revolver) to ride in.

I think that you can clearly see that HN has went all out to provide the very best for your defensive needs.

For More Information.

Please, visit the High Noon Holsters website:


January 17, 2010, 11:24 PM
Good info. I am liking my MDE more and more everyday. If you can find one at a decent price, it is easily worth the extra $75-$100 over the LCP or Kel Tec.

My solution to finding a holster was to make my own. There's a first time for everything and I gotta say that I actually impressed myself with how well it turned out! I need to take some pics, but that will be a separate thread :)