View Full Version : Adapter needed

Gregory Gauvin
January 14, 2010, 03:13 AM
My .22 LR Makarov conversion kit just arrived. If you are unfamiliar with these kits, there are pictures on Makarov.com or you can just search Dunav Int'l Trading. Numrich carries the kits as well. It has been my intention to install this kit on my 9x18 Bulgarian Makarov and suppress it.

Reading forums and asking questions prior to installing this kit I was told that the barrel centering nut's kerned appearance unscrewed and was threaded so an adapter could be fitted. Come to find out, the barrel centering nut in this kit is one piece and does not have male threads. Since the .22LR barrel inserts into the 9x18 barrel, there is a tapered bushing that goes on the end of the barrel to center it in the 9x18 barrel. Therefore, if I were to install an adapter (say the one used for the p-22, which fits) it would not center the barrel since it would only flush up with the 9x18 barrel. I was told the p-22 adapter fits this kit, but, without having any tapered bushing, accuracy will be non-existent.

So what I'm asking is, is the only option to have a custom adapter made for this application?