View Full Version : Beretta 9000S trigger job

January 10, 2010, 11:28 PM
Does anyone have advice on a very spongy trigger on my 9000S? It has way to much take up and I'd at least like to get it a little crisper. I realize this is a sub-compact that is not intended to be a target champ, but the mushy trigger is really tough to overcome. I can't see how to remove the trigger group to even begin to disassemble. If I could get it out it wouldn't be too hard to stone the sear and at least get a little smoother. One thing out of the question - its not that important to send to a gunsmith. I have other more important projects in the works to waste $$ on this pistol. Everything else about it is first rate, i.e. no malfunctions in over 1000 rounds, very good accuracy and easy to maintain.