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January 7, 2010, 12:26 PM
Well, i contacted the ATFE on Monday about forfeiting my C&R license. They gave me a timely response that was exactly what I believed it would be. Just like to have something in writing on these things. I will likely send the letter today:(
You asked what you need to do to forfeit your license.

The regulations under 27 CFR 478.57(a) requires that where a firearms business is discontinued the owner shall notify ATF within 30 days. Additionally, the regulations under 27 CFR 478.127 require that records be delivered to ATF once a firearms business is discontinued. However, a license as a collector of curios and relics does not authorize any business with respect to firearms. Therefore, notification to ATF of the discontinuance of collector activity and the delivery of the collector records to ATF after discontinuance of collector activity, are not required.

It is advised that you notify ATF of the discontinuance of collector activity if such discontinuance occurs before the expiration date of your license. This would ensure that the license is deactivated in the Federal Licensing Center data base. Notification would be made by letter addressed to the Chief, Federal Firearms Licensing Center. Your records should be maintained until the license expires or is deactivated. After expiration of your license or deactivation of your license, you may dispose of your records as you deem necessary.

You asked if there are any complications to keeping a Schmidt Rubin K31 and a CMP M1 Garand, both of which you identified as a curio and relic (C&R), once you discontinue collecting activity under your C&R license. You also inquired if there are any complications to keeping these rifles since they are currently in your C&R book.

Regulations under 27 CFR Part 478 do not require you to dispose of your C&R firearms that you lawfully obtained with your license, once you discontinue collecting activity. You would simply maintain these firearms as your personal collection. The fact that you recorded the receipt of these firearms into you C&R book does not impose any additional requirements. However, if you decide to dispose of your C&R firearms while your license is active, you may do so in accordance with regulations as it applies to collectors of curio and relics. Licensed Collectors are authorized to dispose of curios and relics to a non-licensee residing in the same State, who is not otherwise prohibited by the GCA, and to an FFL in any State. Licensed collectors are required to maintain a record of such disposition. If disposition occurs after expiration or deactivation of your license, you can dispose your C&R firearms to a non-licensee residing in the same State, who is not otherwise prohibited by the GCA, and to an FFL in any State. No records are required under Federal regulations if disposition is made after expiration or deactivation of your license. However, there may be state and or local requirements on the disposition of firearms by non-licensees.

I trust that this has been responsive to your inquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any additional questions or require further clarification.

January 7, 2010, 02:30 PM
On a more personal note, my supervisor, Bill Schmarr, wanted me to pass on to you a hearty , Semper Fi. He is, of course, a Marine. I would say ex- Marine but then he would make me do 100 push-ups. Not because I called him an ex- Marine but because an ex- squid called him an ex- Marine. Seriously, congratulations from both of us and the best of luck to you as you pursue a commission in the Marine Corp. We are thankful for your service to your country. Don’t forget to call if there is any assistance we can provide.
Well, I have to say this is yet another favorable exchange with an ATFE agent. I am not saying the inherent Bureaucracy of a government agency does not strangle a firearms owner every once in a while, but I have yet to have a bad experience with an individual ATFE agent.

January 21, 2010, 04:46 PM
Why would you forfeit it? It's $10 a year to maintain it...

January 21, 2010, 04:53 PM
Pursuing active duty military and I am not sure I can meet responsibilities of license.
Even if possible, the hoops would be more trouble than it is worth.