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red caddy
January 5, 2010, 09:06 PM
I've got a Garand, S-A, ser.# 4242XXX, that was demilled into a ceremonial piece. (the gastube was welded to the barrel nut and gastube plug, and the barrel was welded to the receiver with about a 3/4 inch TIG weld) the barrel and chamber are un molested.

I spent a couple hours getting the carbon out, (the gun has fired a ton of salute blanks) but the bore is in very good condition for a rack grade rifle.

If I replace the gas tube, plug and nut, (the parts I had to cut for dissembly) is the end result, assuming the headspace checks out, going to be safe to shoot ? Thanks, Paul.

January 5, 2010, 09:15 PM
How hot did the receiver get?

I don't know.

How hot does TIG welding get metal?

I don't know.

Are you sure it was TIG welding?

Bud of mine has a M1903A3 drill rifle receiver. Tiny small weld between the barrel and receiver. So small that when he cut it off, you don't see anything.

He put a barrel on the receiver. Shot some rounds. Headspace increased. He put new bigger bolt in. Shot some more rounds. Headspace increased.

I believe that who ever welded his receiver used a torch and welding rod. Must have heated up the receiver real hot with the torch. Took out the heat treatment.

Maybe there are hardness specs for a Garand receiver, if there are, maybe a shop near you can do a hardness test.

Or you can screw on a barrel and hope that nothing happens while you shoot and check the headspace.

red caddy
January 5, 2010, 09:28 PM
There is a slight color change only at the start of the TIG weld,(With some porosity, like the weldor dipped the tungsten) and it is not a full penetration weld, the root (junction of the barrel and receiver) is visible at the stop point of the weld. The chamber wall shows no signs of heat. (color change etc.) Thanks, Paul.

January 6, 2010, 08:15 PM
M1's were usually converted to drill rifles because it was defective and something was wrong with it to start with.
In other words, instead of just scrapping the receiver, they converted it to drill use.
When the military converted a rifle to drill purpose, it was intended that it NEVER fire another live round.

Taking that and the welding into account, the rifle is a real risk to fire. It may fire any number of rounds, it may blow up in your face with the first round, it may fire 1000 rounds and then blow.
Trouble is, no one can tell.

Bottom line, this is about as smart as using a condemned surplus parachute.

January 6, 2010, 09:20 PM
M1's were usually converted to drill rifles because it was defective and something was wrong with it to start with.

I have a shooting bud who has worked the small arms lines at Anniston Alabama. Recently.

The Army was scrapping thousands of M1's. They took a few out to convert to blank rifles for VFW outfits.

According to my bud, the requirements were that the unmodified Garand had to be within spec, meet all requirements, for a good rifle. Then they could rip the thing apart and make it blank rifle.

Maybe a hundred rifles would be converted out of a box car load that went to the crusher. :(

What they destroy down there, highly collectable and rare stuff, makes me sad.