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January 5, 2010, 02:52 PM
Hi everyone. I am wanting to get my grandfathers Colt .45 National Match sent to colt for a reblueing job. I know that it will cut down on the value of the pistol, but since it has a high sentimental value to me and I will probably never sell it, i am not to worried about that. My question is in regards to what blueing to get. I want to get it restored to factory condition but I was looking on their website and there are several to choose from. I have called colt and they said the manufacture date was 1968. Does anyone know if this 1911 came in the royal blue or just the standard blue. Also has anyone had a 1911 reblued by colt in the past, I was wondering about the cost of having this done.Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

January 5, 2010, 07:36 PM
Colt used the "standard" bluing on the 1911 series pistols.
The "Royal blue" was only used on the Python and on limited production models and on special order.

Colt's standard bluing was and is much better than most other makers bluing. If you simply ask for a re-blue, they'll refinish it in the appropriate bluing for that model.

I'm not up on the cost for a 1911 series, but guns sent in to Colt for a refinish come back looking like brand new guns.
As an added plus, a Colt factory re-blue will not lower the value as much as if it was done by a non-factory service.

January 5, 2010, 09:32 PM
+1 Dfariswheel. The problem with rebluing an older classic gun is not so much the bluing job but the less than perfect polishing job that rounds off corners and pull out the fine lettering. Colt knows how to polish with distorting the details and is able to do a bluing job that looks like the factory did it. It's not cheap but it is good.

January 5, 2010, 09:56 PM
thanks for the advice, going to call them in the morning and get the details.

January 5, 2010, 10:43 PM
Sorry, I meant to say "without distorting the details."

January 6, 2010, 07:15 PM
It's your gun, and do as you wish. Personally I would not refinish it, especially if it had sentimental value. The blue wear on the steel, and the gentle wear on the walnut, are a direct result of your grandfather's hands. I am sure you can imagine him with friends at the range, or at home stripping and cleaning it. Once that refinish is done, it will not be distinguishable from any other. As it is now, it is a tangible link to your grandfather. You can add to the patina and pass it down.

Shiney and new is fun when something is new. Old and loved is better.

January 6, 2010, 07:31 PM
I would agree, especially if the gun is ever going to be shot again; why spend money on what would become a worn, refinished gun, when you already have a worn, original one?

January 7, 2010, 03:12 PM
Well it was the pride of my grandfather's collection and he always talked about sending it in to get it reblued but unfortunately he died from cancer before he ever got the chance. The only reason that I am thinking of doing it is because I know that it was what he was going to do with it. Besides I don't plan on firing it again and passing it on to my kids one day.Until then, I just plan on keeping it in its new home in my safe.