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December 31, 2009, 07:08 PM
Ok, so I just bought my first and only handgun. A springfield XD 9mm. Great gun, Shoots wonderfully. However, I'm a car guy.. and I have to tinker.(and I like to do stuff myself) I came across this pictures on the internet:


According to the people in the local area and the name of that picture, it is just polished, not chromed. I want to do that to my gun. I live in an apartment (no polishing wheel), and I just bought a brand new dremel with polishing kit (merry christmas to me)

I have a buddy that owns a gun parts manuf. company and he's telling me that I'll f%^* it up if I try to polish it myself. True or false? I'd really rather do it myself.

How do I remove the bluing? Whats the process of doing the whole thing?

Is there any threads on here that explains polishing? I can't even find a video on youtube or anything. If I do this, I'm making a video of it for sure.

Bill DeShivs
December 31, 2009, 08:11 PM
Polishing is very difficult to do properly. Polishing with a Dremel is an invitation to disaster.
If the parts are carbon steel, they will rust very quickly.
Listen to your friend.