View Full Version : Buy Decision: EOTech 552.AR223 or 557.XR308

December 29, 2009, 12:59 PM
I would like some help from users of EOTech's.
I have a lot of high end scopes, with everything from 1-5X to 8.5-25X; Leupold, NF and Burris. I have only one HWS, an older model Aimpoint red dot, and want another HWS type. I need an HWS scope WITH ballistic hold points and no magnification and have narrowed my selection to either the EOTech 557.AR223 or 552.XR308. I am going to be using this on everything from AR15, to AR10 to 12 Ga., to 30-06 bolt guns with Picatinny scope bases. I know the hold points on these scopes are designed for two entirely different cartridges, but on hog or coyote size targets inside 200 yds. either should work, if the shooter keeps in mind his zero . Both reticles use four hold points
My real question is:

Which reticle has the better ballistic hold points for hog or coyote shooting inside 200yds?

My hunch it is the 557 because the hold points are spaced closer (fewer MOA's between them) so as to go out to a maximum of 600M, but the 552 goes out to 1.2K M. That seems like more flexibility (more useable hold points) for a hunter and recreational shooter that is not going to need those long range hold points. Thanks.