View Full Version : Allen Pro Class 4 Saftey Glasses?

December 28, 2009, 06:48 AM
Got some safety glasses for use at the range, noticed that it doesn't have any safety ratings on it apart from stating its 'shatterproof polycarbonate'.

The only rating it seems to fall under is ANSI Z80.3 which is UV and IR protection, not high impact resistance. The allen site also does not provide information on its saftey rating for these glasses.

Being that they are polycarbonate means that if something did fly back and towards my eye, it would at least stop it hitting directly, and would not shatter like glass or plastic would.

Does anybody have any information or experience with these? Any saftey lense is better than nothing at all (or something that shatters) but I would much rather know if I should look for something better, or these will do me as a 'better than nothing' until I can afford some more high quality glasses?