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December 22, 2009, 10:09 PM
Paying $250 (+tax) Looks to be in good shape. I think it's been handled, but maybe not shot. Can I use the same nipple wrench as on my Piettas?

December 22, 2009, 10:55 PM
ROA nipples need a hexagonal socket to remove them. Ruger included a special nipple wrench with the revolver.

My mike reads .16 inches across the flats. A 5/32 or 4mm socket should remove them.

December 22, 2009, 11:28 PM
Midway USA sells the ROA nipple wrench for $5.99, along with a bunch of other ROA parts.


December 23, 2009, 01:07 AM
That's a good price...

December 23, 2009, 05:55 AM
That is what I paid for mine. Mine was NIB unfired, came with nipple wrench and 6 new nipples. Some people just don't know what they have. It was his fathers. It has adjustable sights and a good shooter. Yes I have shoot the heck out of it. It is one of my favorites never will sell it. Looking for a set of ivory grips, Don't have to be ivory as long are they are white. Will look good with the dark bluing. Does anyone knows where to get on cheap. You got a good deal on yours and looks good, too.

December 23, 2009, 07:31 AM
That is a good geal on a great gun, the best deal I found was on my first ROA. I stopped by a pawn shop on the lower side of town and was looking around and saw her sitting there, she was SS 7 1/2" and was a 1976 Liberty model. She was a little dirty with some crust in the cylinder but for $160 out the door with a hunter leather holster, she was going home with me.

December 23, 2009, 08:10 AM
here,s my ss roa, a 1976 with a four didgit serial # with out a prefix. it was a good buy when i bought it, 300.00. eastbank.

4V50 Gary
December 23, 2009, 08:11 AM
Very good buy!

December 23, 2009, 11:54 AM
MUZZLESMOKE - if you are looking for some faux ivory grips for your Ruger, try going to:


If you Google it, the site should come up. They offer grips for a wide variety of makes and have a number of faux ivory for Rugers. I don't have a Ruger nor do I know much about the different Ruger models, but take a look and you might see something you like. I have Navies - 58 Remington, 51 and 61 Colt - I want to get a pair of faux grips for the Remy and am going to order a pair from them after the holidays. In comparing grips and prices from different sources, they seem to be very fairly priced. Check it out anyway. Good luck and have a happy holiday. bedbugbilly

December 23, 2009, 09:45 PM
Got it home, and actually not hard to figure out how to disassemble. It had a small amount of fine rust from the benign neglect suffered from never being cleaned. It's a good thing too, as one of the grip screws were slightly boogered up, but not too bad. Barrel looks great, it was just dustier than all get out. Nipples were beat to all get out, but didn't show any carbon on the part that's on the inside of the cylinder. I suspect that it's only been dry fired, but can't be sure. S/N 140-1332# No lawyer billboard, it just reads Strum, Ruger & Co. Inc., Southport, Conn. U.S.A.

December 26, 2009, 03:31 AM
It looks like yours was made in 1973.


If you go the Ruger page above and click on "customer service" and then "instruction manuals and product history", the year that the ROA was made can be determined.