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December 21, 2009, 11:19 AM
Hello all,

My name is Andy, and I'm currently deployed to Iraq with the Army National Guard. I've had a few idea's in regard to holster designs while I've been here, and I'm thinking very hard about trying to turn them into a viable business when I return home. I'm madly brainstorming, designing and making prototypes during the few free hours I have here, and I've gotten permission from the subforum moderator to ask a few market research questions. One of the things I'm trying to perfect is a system that places your holster at exactly the same cant (can't rotate unless your belt twists), angle to your body (isn't able to tip out very much at all even though it's a high ride), and places your holster in exactly the same position on your body every time as long as your belt is aligned the same. (Think gig line). If I can make the system work the way I want it to and maximize the consistency of all these things do you think the market be receptive?

My goal is to market a total system, and give new CCW'ers and more importantly new LEO's a one stop shop for the basics they'll need to start their "carry a handgun everyday, everywhere" education. I know it is a natural urge to try everything that piques your interest and I think this is a very good thing. But I'd like to use my company to make the start as painless as possible, pricewise, and by having good enough gear to keep you from getting too many bad habits, or even worse, not carrying because you can't make it reasonably comfortable or practical. The system as envisioned now allows 4 methods of carry, but is designed from the beginning to be and with the most emphasis on an OWB strong side. That's the primary because I want it to do one thing as well as it can, and in my opinion strong side OWB is where any newbie should start. The goal for the alternate positions is convenience in other situations, and to allow someone to experiment a little without wasting time or money on gear that won't be used later. My system might not be the final answer for them, but hopefully they can learn enough with it to ask the right questions.

I eventually want to have 3 lines, the entry one being leather lined Kydex holsters with a choice of leather or nylon (Kydex stiffened) belts, mid level being well made but plain and functional leather (again, choice of belts), and the high end after learning a little more about this craft being some very high class leather. I guess in a perfect world, I'd like to build the business enough to pay the bills with the Kydex and mid-leather lines, and be able to express myself with the custom leather. I want to stay true to my basic design, and not become a Galco or similar company that carries any holster type you can think of. I'll continue to develop and refine my designs, but I'd rather do a few things really well than do many so so.

So there's the introduction, I'll wait a few days and start asking some specific questions. Your thoughts and opinions are much desired! Thanks,


December 23, 2009, 12:23 PM

Let me start by saying welcome to TFL and thanks for your service.

I think that you may have a great plan and wish you tons of luck.

Also, be careful what you post on the internet, especially if you don't hold patents.