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December 18, 2009, 11:46 AM
I was doing my daily trip through Gunbroker last week and ran across a several listings that the written description did nor match the photos. The first listing said only "F.LLipietta" and had photos of a SA Starr revolver covered in finger prints looking kind of ragged. Only description was ".44 Black Powder" Second listing said "Ellipietta Mod.0081 Dragoon Ott. 44 Cal" and had several photos of a DA Starr covered in finger prints. With only a few hours to go I didn't think I would get a responce if I ask the seller any questions, plus I had to take my wife to the Dr's office. I took a chance and place a bid on both, a ridiculously low bid. When I left I was the high bidder on both but by a narrow margin. I get back home and I have won both bids. I didn't believe it, I had been bid to with in six dollars of my high bid on both. I basically got two for the price of one. I have been looking at these for some time but never could find them at a price I was welling to pay.

Here they are, both a DA and SA Starr revolver by Pietta. Both are new and unfired, but they did come in the wrong boxes.

After detail stripping and cleaning I see why Pietta charges what they do. More parts and much more fitting. The fit and finish on these is better than my LeMat witch up until now I considered the best Pietta I have handled. Cleaned and greased these are very smooth, tightest C&B revolver I have seen, bank vault tight. The DA Starr has two cylinder notches for each chamber. The normal notch locks on carry up, then when the primary trigger touches the secondary trigger a second bolt raises into a notch on the back side of the cylinder.

Doc Hoy
December 18, 2009, 01:25 PM

I am not a Starr or LeMat fan because of the looks of the pistols (Which I admit is not a good reason, but it is good enough for me) but those two are nice.

Your glowing endorsement is enough to send some to the auction house for second look.

Congrats on the deal.

And Merry Christmas.

Fingers McGee
December 18, 2009, 02:28 PM
I can't believe that you accepted these without the correct boxes. :eek: I think you ought to box em up and send them to me for proper disposal. :D

Seriously though. You made a terriffic deal on these. Congrats & let us know how they shoot.


December 18, 2009, 05:09 PM
Man you folks are bad company. Every time I open up a new post.......you all have something new. I'm in that wanna mode. Good looking revolvers.
Good news for me. I got my Cosair-jager-m double barrel 36. It came in the mail yesterday. I need a little help, can't find anything on line about it. I'll post pictures in awhile.

Congats crate on two great looking revolvers

December 18, 2009, 07:33 PM
Congratulations on your wins. I hope they both live up to your initial impressions.

I own a Pietta SA Starr:
and it is without any doubt the worst designed and built pistol in my entire collection by a wide margin. Since I only own one I can't comment on the breed in general, either with respect to design or manufacture, but mine is prone to lock up on almost every cylinder. It's terribly balanced and does not fit my hand at all.

Sounds like you've had a much better experience so far. Best of luck with your new purchase.

December 18, 2009, 08:50 PM
I picked up a stainless ROA on GB a few years ago the same way, no details of the gun and fuzzy pic's. I could tell it was stainless and looked like a Ruger so I bid the reserve which was $150. Got an unfired ROA and it's been fired many times since. Those are some prizes too, happy shooting.

December 19, 2009, 11:03 AM
mine is prone to lock up on almost every cylinder.

As was mine out of the incorrect box:D On my revolver I found several burrs on the ratchet and the hand. I stoned those two areas and no more lock ups. It does have issues with half cock for loading. Some times the bolt does not drop sufficiently. I may be echoing your sentiments before I'm done.

Looking at the ratchet it appears to be held in place with the large slotted screw. Have you removed this part? I wonder if the ratchet has an alignment index or just floats until the screw is tightened. Is it possible the ratchet is not in correctly timed with the cylinder?

I have read some of the military reports from initial testing of the Starr, apparently some really thought highly of them. BUT, it was a government contract, so..... ;)

I wanted to add on two of the used SA Starrs I have handled the ratchet was chewed up pretty good as was the end of the hand. The interaction between the bolt/cylinder and hand during carry up is the area I'm going to work on.

December 19, 2009, 05:56 PM
It's been a long time since I've disassembled my Starr (indicative of the high regard in which I don't hold the design), so I don't recall the action details. I'm currently traveling or I'd get it out and look into that question. I'll try to get to it once I get home late next week.