View Full Version : 1911 Assembly problem

December 17, 2009, 03:00 AM
First, a little bit of an introduction: I'm a beginner firearm owner and have just began the learning process of field stripping and cleaning. I recently splurged on a Kimber Custom II and after the range, went about field stripping and cleaning.

The problem that I am having is that when I fully reassemble the firearm, the slide will not lock back, and the chamber indicator port is always showing.

Edit: Solved the problem putting the putting the magazine back in. Sorry for wasting a post, but hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere. ;)

December 17, 2009, 09:48 AM
As you have now learned, the slide stop is actuated by the magazine follower of an empty magazine.

There is enough clearance that a round in the mag does not catch the slide stop, but the follower will one the round is gone and the follower rises to tthe very top of the mag.