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December 11, 2009, 02:51 PM
On a whim, I bought a used Thompson Center White Mountain carbine in .50cal from my local forums B/S/T ads. Other than a little crustiness around the nipple (in the "pan", not on the nipple itself, the owner put a new nipple on there for me) it's beautiful. It's already got a nice tang-mounted aperture sight and I took off the scope mount as I plan to shoot it au natural (the rifle, not me!)..... But now I am gobsmacked by exactly which bits I need now!

Here's my shopping list so far:

fffg powder (I think).
.490 lead balls
Pre-lubricated patches
Bullet starter
Powder flask
Powder measure
Cleaning materials

Ideally I want wood and brass rather than polymer, as I'm aiming for a setup that fits in a (yet to be acquired) possibles bag and matches the tone of the rifle. Any recommendations for brands/items/things I've missed would be great!

December 11, 2009, 03:28 PM
Nice carbines as I have one myself. Here is my input and am sure there will be more replies to your post. Please note that accessaries can be had from TC, Traditions, CVA, Lyman and who knows who??

fffg powder (I think).; Keep that thought and others will list FFG
.490 lead balls; Yes, Speer or Honady or whatever.
Pre-lubricated patches; CVA or TC
Bullet starter; CVA or TC and see if you can get one with a bore guide.
Powder flask; CVA brass. The bigger one.
Powder measure; Precision, 120grn. max for your load CVA or Traditions.
Cleaning materials; Ballistol or good old #13
Cleaning patches; Old Tee Shirts work.
Bore butter, tube.
Nipple pick; Can make your own.
Range-Rod with bore guide (optional at this time)
#11 primers; RWS or Rem. Magnums as well as CCI's
.50 bore brush and swab.
Patch Jag as well as Screw jag.
Botttom scraper.
Spare Nipple. Hotshot
Nipple wrench.
Antiseiz compound; Auto of plumbing supply.
Loading manual from TC; They will send you one.
Blackpowder manual by Sam Fadala, Lyman

I better stop or you will never get into it !! .... :eek:

Be Safe !!!

December 11, 2009, 08:59 PM
Tooth whitener. You're gonna be grinning a lot.

December 12, 2009, 10:42 AM
Tooth whitener. You're gonna be grinning a lot.

Most definitely. Those tiny specks of powder really stand out on your pearly whites.

You may want to peruse evil bay. I see complete kits of accessories with very little uses that sell for pennies on the dollar.