View Full Version : Ithaca Model 51 Questions

December 10, 2009, 05:49 PM
Hey Guys;
I am working on a Ithaca Model 51 Featherwight 20 ga. that occasionaly won't feed the 2nd shell.This is the 1st of this model I have worked on and can't find much info other than a schematic. After a good cleaning I have observed the following:
1. The gun fires and ejects the 1st shell.
2. The 2nd shell is released from the magazine but does not do so with sufficient force to trip the carrier release. Manual pressure on the upper surface of the carrier release allows the shell to be lifted into battery.
3. The forearm lip fits correctly into the action with the barrel removed, but won't go home (within about 3mm) with the barrel installed.
Here is what I appriciate your help with
1. How do you remove the magazine spring? It has an both an inner and an outer follower and there appears to be a pin near the after lip of the barrel; Do I drive that pin out?
2. Anyone know the freelength specs for the mag. spring?
3. Any ideas of what would prevent the forearm from seating all the way
4. How do you remove the recoil spring? Anyone know the freelength specs?