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December 10, 2009, 02:41 PM
I used to work in a shop that did some class 3 and suppressor buisness and work but, have a few questions cause its been a while. I am a bail bondsman and from time to time work in areas with alot of meth traffic. One of my big concerns is that at some point when I pick one of these tweeker retards up I will have to actually go into a lab or other area with alot of the chemicals used making that crap. I know they are all really volitale, we used ot make jokes about these cheap motels blowing up all the time around here because of them. So here are my questions;

1; will a suppresor minimize the amount of hot propellant gasses to a level that would be safe in that type of enviorment?

2; Am I paranoid for being concerned that the gasses escaping the muzzel of either a pistol/shotgun/carbine would be at risk of causeing a fire or an explosion? I asked my dad about that, hes an OLD firefighter lol, he said its deffinatly a possability. But so is getting hit by lightning, I'm wondering what the actual chances are.

3; If I pick up a carbine that functions on the same cartridge as my pistol, and use the same mounting system, will the can function properly with either weapon?

When I go out to pick someone up I carry a Beretta 92fs and I'm really really thinking about getting the storm carine, feeds from the same magazine and is a smooth little carbine. I have even handled one that got SBR'd (didn't get to shoot it though) if that was more available in a select fire I think it would be a huge compatition to the MP5. I shot MP5's some in the Marine Corps and its not as handy feeling to me as the Beretta.

David Hineline
December 10, 2009, 03:14 PM
Because you picked the Beretta 92 pistol there are silencers that will work with that gun and work on a fixed barrel rifle without modifications. Other type handguns that have the browning lockup mechanism will need a recoil operated booster and this booster must have the ability to be locked to be used on a fixed barrel rifle type gun. So it would not go quickly from one to the other. Of course a specific designed silencer for each weapon would be the best.

I would also check into the legality of adding an evil feature threaded barrel on an imported firearm by asking the ATF.

December 10, 2009, 04:47 PM
The risks aren't the muzzle flash causing explosions when going into a chemical facility. If you're going into an active Meth Lab, there's going to be plenty of open flame. (Lot's of COOKING to get meth made.)

The risk comes from the bullets striking and spilling the containers of volatile chemicals. Some of those fumes will incapacitate and kill everyone in the room who isn't wearing an appropriate gas mask. That is, if the fumes don't ignite on the open Bunsen burners.

I guess my point is that there is no way to breech a Meth Facility SAFELY. You need full Personal protective gear, both skin and vapor to insure protection from the fumes and chemicals. (A Lot of the chemicals used in these facilities is EASILY absorbed through the skin.)

Suppressors? They would be the LEAST important safety gear for such an evolution. :2cents:

December 10, 2009, 10:49 PM
I think your biggest reason to run suppressed for your purposes is reducing the disorientation and sensory impairment from the noise and concussive blast when shooting indoors. That's more than good enough reason and quite frankly it strikes me as foolish for someone not to run suppressed in that kind of application if they have the option to do so.