View Full Version : m1 garand ejector tuning?

December 6, 2009, 02:05 AM
ive read that if an m1 is ejecting 3 oclock or rearward more than that, and everything else is in good order that you can tune the ejector by clipping a coil off the spring and retest, and repeat until the desired direction is obtained.

here is one example of where i saw it:

(from someone called artee)
Tune your ejector plunger spring (FIRST) to make your brass pattern consistent.

(from someone called fatelvis)
Artee, can you explain how this tuning is done? Thanks-

(artee replied)
Remove ejector spring. Cut off a coil. Reassemble and shoot. Should have brass ejecting at 1 to 1:30 (where it lands). Should only take a coil and a half or so. Wise to order a spare spring before you start....

it is also mentioned, but without as much detail, in "the complete m1 assembly guide" by walt kuleck and clint mckee.

does anyone have experience or input on this subject?

December 6, 2009, 10:25 AM
It's a good idea to have extra springs on hand. Because the M1 ejector is small it is easy to cut it to short to be reliable. Changing the angle on the ejector pin can also help but the M1 traditionally throws brass like a lawn sprinkler anyway. Additionally the recoil spring has an effect on where an M1 throws it's emptys. The brass just has to clear the action. The M14/M1A has a much longer ejector spring and can more easily be tuned to throw brass to one area.

Bart B.
December 6, 2009, 10:33 PM
I've cut M1 ejector springs half a turn at a time on several Garands. Works fine. Did most of them on USN Garands converted to 7.62 NATO.

When folks suggest "changing the angle" on the ejector, they mean the flat front of it parallel with the bolt face. This isn't nearly as easy to do nore as good as just cutting off a bit of the ejector spring.

Get enough off the spring so the empties stack up at the 1- to 2-o'clock position. Different loads may well change the angle empties to out at.