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December 5, 2009, 11:44 AM
I'm considering this scope for my SPR type AR-15 built around a LaRue 18" upper, does anybody have any experience with this scope, and particularly with the BDC reticle with .223 rounds in the 68-77 gr range?


Any other suggestions would be great.

December 5, 2009, 12:09 PM
I don't own that exact scope but I own other Nikons with that that reticle. As long as you understand what that reticle is for and what it isn't for it's a great scope. It's a hunting reticle and each mark is intended as a general reference to get you into a 5-6" kill-zone only. You need to test how each mark relates to the cartridge that you plan to use and keep the test results in mind when taking the shot. My guess is that the marks are probably engineered to approximate the ballistics of a 30-06 just because it's so popular.

What it is not is a target reticle. For precision target shooting I'd pick a duplex reticle for the fine center cross hairs but some will prefer a mil-dot for general purpose shooting.

I would put the Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x42 and 4200 4-16x42 on my shopping list as well. The reticle choice depends on intended usage.

December 5, 2009, 12:43 PM
Thanks, those are a little more than I wanted to spend. How does the Nikon Buckmaster series compare to the Monarchs?


December 5, 2009, 03:31 PM
Buckmaster is a step down but still a good scope. 92% light transmission instead of 95% so it'll be darker at dusk but otherwise should be fine. Nikon's Buckmaster, Burris' Fullfield II, Weaver's V-Series, and Bushnell's Legend lines are about on par with similar grade glass, coatings and 3x erectors (magnification ranges).

This Bushnell (http://swfa.com/Bushnell-5-15x40-Elite-3200-Rifle-Scope-P8748.aspx) or this Weaver (http://swfa.com/Weaver-4-16x42-Classic-V-Rifle-Scope-P40580.aspx) might be close to what you're looking for. Both focus from the front (saving money) but the Bushnell has "tactical" knobs while the Weaver is matched to I believe XM193 but don't hold me to that.