View Full Version : Bianchi 7700... Thoughts? Experiences?

November 24, 2009, 02:44 AM
I've been experimenting with my Blackhawk SERPA shoulder harness and SERPA CQC holster for my G20SF (10mm). It's growing on me and I think a quality holster would give me the final push to leave my paddle rigs at the house most of the time in favor of shoulder holsters. I like being able to carry two spare mags on my left side to balance the weight. I've zip-tied my factory Glock mag carriers to the rails mounted on the SERPA shoulder harness and it balances the weight of the G20SF very nicely. If only I could get away from the jury-rigged approach I would be happy. I've also lost about 15lbs since I bought the harness and it's a bit floppy, which isn't working out very well for me...

Anyone have any experiences with the Bianchi 7700 LeatherLite (http://www.opticsplanet.net/bianchi-7700-leatherlite-shoulder-system-black-left-hand-19843.html)?

I wish I could try one on before buying, but there ain't much of a selection up here...

Thanks guys/gals,

- JG