View Full Version : Mueller scope owners...

November 21, 2009, 08:17 PM
i have heard a lot of good stories about the Mueller scopes. I plan on putting one on my AR. Problem is which one. I have limited it down to the 4-16x50 and the 8.5-24x44.

The 4-16x50 is ~50$ more expensive. In your guy's opinions is that just because of the 8.5-24x44 not having the illuminated reticle?? or is there maybe a difference in lens quality? i am not in real need of the illuminated reticle...

Also How much brightness would i be losing going to a 44 instead of a 50?
If any of you have the 8.5-24's whether it be the eradicator or the tactical, how good is the clarity at the 24x setting.

If you guys have any of these scopes please feel free to share your general opinion on them.