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Ooge E. Bawawa
November 21, 2009, 01:10 PM
Hello. I'm new to this site and I could use some advice about getting started. I have hunted the last few black powder seasons with my old Thompson Center Renegade .54 using maxi balls and 70 grain pyrodex. I just recently bought a new Thompson Center Omega Z5 and I'm wondering what works well with it. I have already purchased 245g. powerbelts. I'm wondering if I can still use the Pyrodex that I already have and how much of it I should use. I think most guys with the inlines shoot the preformed pellets like tripple7 but it’s kind of expensive and if there is no significant difference I would like to use what I have. I am hunting Ohio farmland for whitetail deer. Also at what yardage should I sight in at? I am shooting it in tomorrow for the first time. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

Doc Hoy
November 21, 2009, 02:30 PM
I am just replying to your post so it will come back to the top of the stack.

Sorry I covered it up with my Cabela's sale entry.

November 21, 2009, 04:40 PM
Try 80gr (MAXIMUM!) Pyrodex RS, winchester W209, Winchester 777 or CCI Inline MZL primers * yes primers can make a big difference*

The reason i say to max out at 80gr is because anymore, the 245 powerbelt will rip apart like a son of a gun. You may also want to try the 295gr Aerotip with the same load.

TC's arent know to shoot conicals very well but maybe you will get lucky!

Old No7
November 21, 2009, 08:40 PM
If it's not against the rules here, there is an awesome Inline Forum over on http://www.modernmuzzleloader.com -- you will get some super Omega, powder, bullet & sabot info over there.

My Omega X7 shot lousy with the T/C & Hornady sabots I tried the first few months -- was really not happy... -- but that website turned me on to the awesome "Crushed Rib" sabots from Harvester Muzzleloading, and they turned 5" groups at 50 yards into 1" groups (peep sight).

So, you may want to try multiple brands of bullets and sabots till you find out what your Omega likes the best.

Many guys like pellets for hunting -- but they are expensive -- and most of us find loose powder is cheaper to shoot AND more accurate. And the pellets don't last too long if they get damp, so do some reading about those before you depend on them to get a big buck. I use loose powder only in mine (777) and it's not too bad of a hassle.

Tight groups.

Old No7

November 21, 2009, 09:58 PM
Yes you can still use your Pyrodex loose powder in your new Omega.
245 grain Powerbelts will work as well, but finding the BEST and most ACCURATE combination of bullets and powder take time. Every gun is different and finding that special combination is key.

I used Powerbelts last year with 130 grains of Pyrodex powder.
They shot decent, but not spectacular.

Pellets are easy, but are known to have up to a 10% variation in weight which will cause accuracy problems. You are better off using loose powder for consistency and better accuracy.

I am testing a different powder right now (Blackhorn 209) with Hornaday sst 250 grain sabots and can easily hold 3/4” groups at 100 yards.

I have also found that after sighting in dead center at 100 yards, I shoot 1/2” lower at 50 yards. Your muzzleloader is capable of accurate shots out to 200 yards with little problem. The key (as stated earlier) is finding the perfect combination of powder and bullet.
Good luck!