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Gregory Gauvin
November 18, 2009, 04:42 PM
I'm trying to locate the windage knob retaining roll pin for AR-15 rear sight. I believe this is .062" diameter, .375" length. I've tried searching many-a-place, and have even called technical staff, and yet, all they do is list or list duplicate roll pins for rear sight spring retaining pin. I already have this pin and is NOT the same size as the windage knob retaining pin. I do not want nor need to order a complete set of roll pins (and even many these kits leave out the windage knob retaining pin), however, the rear sight spring retaining pin once again seems pretty popular. I called my local hardware store. The smallest roll pins they have are 5/64th and 1/4" length. I am not going to drill out my windage knob.

If anyone can direct me to a link to where I can get the windage knob retaining pin I would highly appreciate it. If you should have spare parts laying around and come across one of these pins, I would gladly pay for it.

As I travel the websites in search of this part, I have come across rear sight kits that even leave this part out. I have a strong feeling that there are a lot of people in the gun industry that know little to nothing at all about guns. This makes me frustrated.

Clarification: So what I am seeing is the forward assist roll pin, windage knob roll pin, and rear sight spring roll pin labeled as "Rear sight spring pin - 3 required" with a part number. The problem is, all 3 of these pins are different dimensions. Of course, this is confusing, as 3 separate part numbers should be listed, but are not. So if all 3 roll pins are labeled the same, how will I know which one they will send me.

Gregory Gauvin
November 18, 2009, 05:49 PM
UPDATE: I spoke to another techy and did a little research on the roll pin dimensions. What they did (to make things real confusing) was use a duplicate part number for both the forward assist roll pin and rear sight base spring pin. To top it off, they do not disclose this on their website nor show a listing for the rear sight base spring pin, but only the forward assist roll pin (and it's part number) and a part number for the rear sight base spring pin (which, is really, the windage knob roll pin). But there is no "windage knob roll pin" listed on the sight, nor is the forward assist roll pin marked as duplicate rear sight base spring pin. Make sense to you?


November 22, 2009, 12:59 PM
Don't suppose you tried the largest gun parts dealer in the World, by any chance?? :D