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November 15, 2009, 12:07 PM
I've been trying to keep a couple of coyote threads going lately, and here is my latest question/challenge.

How many coyotes have you called in at one stand (or bait). And how many of them have you killed. I mean at one sitting, not several different days.

My personal best was calling five at one time, none of which were killed.:rolleyes: Next best was calling three into one stand, all of which were killed.:)

Two at one stand has occurred many times, and I would be hard pressed to recall all of them. Sometimes we got them both sometimes just one. Sometimes --- well, there's a big difference between a coyote in the hand and one in the bush.

I'd prefer your personal (for real) experience, not some of the second hand windy's that we've all heard before. jd

November 15, 2009, 09:07 PM
Many years ago my dad and I, as near as we can figure, called in 12 coyotes on one stand. It was getting sort of crazy, with coyotes coming and going in all directions there for a bit. I called in 18 that morning, but I don't remember now how many we killed. I know we missed several shots on that one stand, and I killed a double later that morning.

Another morning with dad I called in 8, but only shot one. They smelled us, and set up to howling at us. The problem for them was that it was open country, and they were within my effective range with the .243 I was carrying that day. When we got back to the truck, another one was standing under a bush about 200 yards away, and I shot it, too. when I did, another one took off up a hill, and I missed it three or four times before I finally hit it, just before it topped out.

Next best that comes to mind was probably 4, and I shot two while dad got 1 of them. We shot several times at the 4th one, but never touched it.

A guy will usually make a lot of lesser stands for each one like those that happen, but they're sure exciting when they do!


November 15, 2009, 10:09 PM
We called in 2 at once several times as they run in pairs alot. The most we saw was 6 at once. Peeked over a knob we were going to call from and 6 of them were running about 150yds out. bullets started flying. Frickin dogs running every which direction. Needless to say we were so excited, we didnt hit much. Managed to reload and get another 1 or 2 apiece off but it did no good. Laughed our butts off, shot lots of shells and all we got was 1 mangy coyote.

Art Eatman
November 16, 2009, 09:23 AM
I live in desert country, so all wildlife is pretty much spread out. It's rare to have more than a pair of coyotes come in. Maybe have a family with half-grown pups come in, but rarely. Generally it's solos.

November 16, 2009, 10:49 AM

I'm in the desert too, and your right about the usual response being singles, with an occasional double.

But, once in a while things get lively, and it's sure fun when they do!


November 16, 2009, 10:51 AM
I called in 4 once, but it wasn't on purpose. They responded to a deer estrous bleat call and came running. I killed one with a headshot at about 5 yds. .50 caliber muzzleloader.

November 16, 2009, 11:22 AM
Well, my kills are a bit out of the ordinary. I have only killed three in my life that I am aware of and only one of them came while I was actually hunting for a coyote. The other two came from a deer stand while hunting for white tails in TN with my bow. Just at daybreak a coyot came walking underneath me whereby I proceeded to shoot it from ten yards away. He ran off into the woods. Wasn't sure if I actually hit him. Not an hour later another coyot comes out of the woods following a fence row about 50 yards to my left and going away from me. I made a chirp sound, caught his attention whereby he turned right and began coming closer to me. At 30 yards I let the arrow fly, heard the smack, and listened to him yelp for five minutes before expiring. Found the first one not 100 yards away.

November 17, 2009, 09:59 PM
You guys have some pretty good stories, and as usual Daryl has one of the best. It seems to me that some of the most memorable stands I've made have been the ones where they made a fool of me; such as this one.

I once hiked across about a mile of bare, flat desert to get out to a small rocky plateau, figuring that when I got to the top of it there would be a pretty good chunk of it that I hadn't exposed myself to. I carried my 218 Bee and the 12 ga. shotgun, and sat down in a pretty brushy spot holding the shotgun ready and laying the rifle beside me.

I had barely started calling when I spotted a bobcat sitting high on the rim rock across the plateau from me; about 150 yards away. I got impatient and carefully switched the shotgun for the rifle. I got the rifle up and found the cat in the scope, and was squeezing the trigger when he hopped off the rocks and disappeared from sight. I scoped every likely spot that he might appear if he was on his way in, and decided to give him a few more squeals on the call.

I gave a few careful squeals, and immediately spotted a coyote bounding through the brush from a few hundred yards out and to the side of where the cat had been. He looked like he was going to come all the way for sure, so as soon as I had a chance I put the rifle back down and picked up the shotgun and waited.....and waited.....and waited. And no coyote showed up.

I was getting pretty mixed up ad far as what gun to hold and where to look and whether or not to hope for the cat or the coyote and if I should call any more; all in all I was pretty jangled.

What I wound up doing was waiting and calling and scoping and worrying and ---hell I walked back across the desert without a cat or a coyote. jd

November 19, 2009, 05:33 PM
My story is not particularly grand. However, i will never forget it. It was a strange day for the season. In late November a couple of years ago, it had been snowing and sleeting for a few days previously, and me and dad had gotten a hard dose of cabin fever. Then this crazy day comes along. Temps are in the mid sixties, wind is still blowin' out of the north, kinda drizzly with the sun trying it's best to get a peep at us. Me and dad found a two-man ladder stand that someone had set up. So we climbed up and sat down both of us packin .243s. the field we were hunting was covered in small thorn trees. All about five feet tall, but not so thick that you couldn't see through them. Dad commenced to callin' and we watched as a couple of yearling does skittered through the brush. About ten minutes later an old she-dog came flying in like she was starving. At about thirty yards out she spotted us in the stand and applied the brakes. At the same time that she stopped I squeezed the trigger. That was my first coyote with a high powered rifle in a calling set.

November 19, 2009, 06:44 PM
It seems to me that some of the most memorable stands I've made have been the ones where they made a fool of me;

Heck, I think that happens to me more often than not!

I like using handcalls, so keep that in mind when you read the following...

Like the fox I called in while bear hunting with my cousin about 3 years ago that scratched my face when it tried to jump on my head and I ducked? The fox got away, and rabies vaccines suck, and they're expensive, too!

Or the time a buddy and I were calling for coyotes, and a javalina came in and almost ran me down? I bounced the butt of my 7mm mag off of his forehead as he went between me and the bush I'd been backed up against, and yelled sone obscenities at it while Daniel rolled all over the mountainside laughing.

Or the time the same buddy and I were over by Tombstone and called a coyote in that was coming so hard and fast that when Daniel moved to bring his gun up, the coyote tried to change directions and ended up sliding literally into our laps...and got away, too!

I've certainly had my share of bloopers, but it's all part of the fun of calling predators. ;)

November 21, 2009, 01:54 PM
Most: 6 at once. I think we got 3 out of them.

We get a lot of doubles and a few 3's. Usually one escapes :rolleyes:

The most we've SEEN at one time was a few winters ago and they were packing up. Got two calves and we were out looking (Driving), happened on a pack of about 12, dropped 2 (Heavy brush. a shot apiece and they were gone).

We've had some pretty memorable events though :D

A few:

Coyote calling one day we had a little white weasel come up to our call. Spent the whole time crawling around our legs and the caller looking for that rabbit :D Sorta made us nervous (They can be mean), but it was entertaining.

Calling one day, I sat behind a old badger hole. Well about 3-4 minutes into calling, the hole moves in front of me......Ended up shooting a badger at 5 feet that was LITERALLY at my feet. At the time it wasn't as amusing.

What's fun is getting hidden good and then having a coyote come into your lap (Almost)< had a few that've come within 10 yards of use, sorta ironically they get away more often too :rolleyes:

A question (Too add on the end of a post, not trying to hi-jack a thread): Who all uses camoflage? Me and dad don't, but haven't had a problem. It seems that it's movement more than colors.

November 21, 2009, 02:14 PM
I've only called coyotes a few times with a dying rabbit call. I called one in once and got him. I called and called other times and none would come. I remember once I saw him out at 125 yards or so and he didnt see me but when I called him...he didnt even hesitate, he turned tail and ran the other way! I guess I didn't fool him.

November 22, 2009, 02:10 AM
A question (Too add on the end of a post, not trying to hi-jack a thread): Who all uses camoflage? Me and dad don't, but haven't had a problem. It seems that it's movement more than colors.

When we started using camo headnets we really started getting them in close. Usually we sit in spots that are brushy enough that our lower bodies are hidden, but it's hard to hide your face. jd