View Full Version : Went Shooting, K31 7.5x55 and AG-42b 6.5x55's

November 14, 2009, 10:08 AM
I have not been shooting my rifles much lately since I'm worried about getting ammo in the future. Said screw it yesterday and went and had some fun and got in a little iron sight practice. I seriously don't know how people hit anything with irons >100 yards. I mean I can hit a person sure, but "groups" are out of the question. You guys brag about 1" groups, I'm happy if I get five rounds in a pattern the size of my hand. No head shots over 100 yards with irons for me.

My K31 in 7.5x55 is just a work of art. This damn thing will flat shoot. Even as bad a shot as I am I can get 3 out of five holes touching at 100 yards with GP11. Got a few (8) rounds of round nose ammo made in 1924 at a gun show a while back and decided to shoot them. It was like shooting a flintlock. :D Click, fizzz, BANG! :D I also shot some Hornady Custom / Grafs 150g SST rounds and some of my handloads. Everything shot very well, even the 1924 stuff. Hell two of the 1924 rounds, consecutive shots, had holes that touched!

The AG-42b is a kick in the pants to shoot! Shot some of the SAMCO tarnished stuff I posted about a week or so ago. I tend to shoot this gun a little faster since I'm having too much fun, so accuracy was not so great, but that was my fault. When I slowed down it shot minute of bad guy just fine. Shot some PMC FMJ that cycled perfectly.

I had one of my M96 6.5x55 with me and tried some Norma 156g TSX rounds in it, wholly moley! Those things kick like you would not believe for a 6.5x55. My 140g SST pushed by 44g of RL22 handloads are mild by comparison.

Claude Clay
November 14, 2009, 10:21 AM
great fun......

and neither actually went to war.

my k-31 &1911 share bullets, primers & powder with the 308 family
mm96 is equal fun (with less recoil) to my 30-30's
ag-42 is on my wish list

hand loaders keep things well in hand;)