View Full Version : Productive Couple of Days in Central NC Muzzleloader Season

November 10, 2009, 11:57 AM
Our Muzzleloader season for the Central region got under way on Saturday. I hunted Saturday morning, Monday all day, and this morning.

Saturday I managed to kill an 8-pointer. Not real big or anything but not bad for this region. Yesterday evening I took a doe at 85 yds.

I could have killed several more if I'd wanted to and a few more than that if I could shoot :o. Let's just say I'm lucky I'm not minus a shirttail......

I've been surrounded by deer in the two stands I've hunted in that time. Mostly does and young bucks, but there was one nice wallhanger that I missed an opportunity at Saturday morning. He paused for a split second and gave me a brisket shot before barreling into the thicket after a doe. There was "love" in the air for a bit and then they moved on through the thicket and away from me. Never saw him again. Didn't have time to count points but his beams were heavy and his brow tines were tall and the right one was forked. Maybe he'll poke his head out again sometime when I'm in that stand......

Here are a couple of crappy cell phone shots of the two I brought home. Rain drove me indoors today and will likely keep me indoors tomorrow. Thursday's tied up with kids' doctor/dentist visits so will likely be Friday before I'm back in the woods.

November 10, 2009, 12:09 PM
Good start to the season... are these the first or did you bag some with the bow? How many do you need to kill to stock up for next year?

Is that rain from Ida? Wifey-poo was "activated" for shelter work but they cancelled since the thing petered out to just some rain and light breeze with 22mph gusts:p So her boss lady called today from the shelter at 4:30am and said she was told to lock it up and the Dept. of Health had cancelled all appointments so wife is home today with pay as well as tamale for Veterans day.
Don't let the media freak you out... nothin' to fret but possibly some flash flooding in areas prone to high water...

November 10, 2009, 12:18 PM

I got skunked with the bow this year. First time in 7 or 8 years (minus the year of my treestand fall the 2nd Saturday) that I haven't killed at least 1 or 2 with the bow. So these are the first of the season.

Here at Casa de RR we mostly eat venison and chicken. We rarely buy beef anymore. Some steaks on occasion, but mostly we stick to the deer. We eat 3-4 a year probably in steaks, sausage, and ground. I've still got a little bit left of the last one from last season. But it'll be gone probably before these two get back from the processor.

I think this rain we're getting is the front end of Ida. I'm not letting the media freak me out, I just didn't want to sit in a treestand all day and walk back to the truck with a wet rear end. :D.