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November 7, 2009, 11:02 AM
I own a fire proof gun safe and have had some problem with humidity in the safe. I placed a cheep humidity gage in the safe and was surprised at the 50% reading I was getting even with desiccant bags in the safe.
Two months ago I purchased one of these Remington de humidifiers and for 25$ I have been impressed how well it works.
It has a simple gage on it and when it turns red (moisture capacity) you take it out of the safe and plug it into a wall outlet for 12 hours and its good for months.
The first week it was in the safe it turned red but the humidity was down to 20% (the safe had not been open in that time). I plugged it in over night and set it back in the safe. The safe has only been opened twice in the last month and a half and the humidity was below 20%.
I have no idea what a good humidity rate for a safe is but we have been having wet weather which hasn’t changed over that period so I think this simple device is working well.

Cabelas discription

with Remington's® Mini-Dehumidifier. Uses colorless, odorless nontoxic Water Glass crystals to constantly absorb moisture from the air. Every 30-60 days, the indicator window will turn pink when the unit needs regeneration. Simply plug it in to a standard electrical outlet for 10-12 hours, and the indicator window will turn blue when it's recharged and ready to go again. The average life span is approximately 10 years.


November 7, 2009, 02:05 PM
50% humidity is good. 45% to 55% humidity at 70 degrees is considered ideal conditions.

If you get it too dry, and you have firearms with wood on them, you'll run the risk of cracking it.

November 7, 2009, 04:18 PM
i've been using those dehumidifiers for about 2 years now. i bought 2 for each safe so i can rotate in a "charged" one. i leave the things plugged in when not in use, hasn't had any negative effects. i rotate 'em every 3 weeks.
goldenrod is another alternative if you have an outlet near the safe.
just my 2c