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November 5, 2009, 04:22 PM
Check out my completed custom 4" .44 moonclipped Redhawk:


4" barrel, .44 magnum caliber. The cylinder was recess-cut for moonclips by our own WildAlaska, Ken at Wild West Guns in Alaska. He also smoothed out the action with an emphasis on DA shooting. He bead-blasted the stainless finish, then put a chromed turn line on the cylinder to give smooth rotation after the bead blasting.

The front sight is an aftermarket Hi-Viz green fiber optic.

The moonclips themselves are from TK Custom. Much thinner than conventional .45acp clips, but still faster than my other option, the HKS speedloaders pictured here:


The holster is pretty cool: You don't find a lot of "race" holsters or "tactical" holsters for Redhawks out there, for some reason.;)

It's done by a local fella here in AZ. He works out of Caswell's Shooting Range and his line of holsters are called THS (Tactical Holster Solutions). The front face of the holster is cut away for rapid presentation, but it still retains even a near-50 ounce revolver quite securely. He made this one custom for me, left handed and everything, and even set it up so I can change between a paddle configuration and a belt clip configuration.

I have two moonclip holders so far. They are from TK Custom as well. I also have a dual speedloader holder that could hold moonclips easily enough. I need to get more moonclip carrying capacity.


What do you say? Crazy? Cool? A little of both?

I need to get some .44 Russian brass just so that the cartridges I use are as short as possible and wobble as little as possible during reloading. And, I'll just increase the case length and power level as I get better. Light Russians to regular Russians to light Specials to heavy Specials to light Magnums to Regular Magnums.

The intent behind this gun is to be my hiking companion in Arizona and other states, and it has quite a few miles already as such... but I need to practice more in DA mode with it. Doing this to it allows me to shoot ICORE/USPSA competitions and not be a burden to other shooters with my reloading times. I can still single-load cartridges into it safely, even big bad "Ruger Only" magnums.

I want to feel comfortable with fast DA shooting at close in targets under pressure. Being able to reload quickly ain't a bad thing by any stretch...


November 5, 2009, 04:57 PM
What do you say? Crazy? Cool? A little of both?

I vote crazy cool! Looks like you could use the gun and moonclip holders (not sure about the holster) for IDPA ESR, too no? The division's ruled by the 625 .45acp, so it'd be fun so see a little variety.

Light Russians to regular Russians to light Specials to heavy Specials to light Magnums to Regular Magnums

Just gotta love versatility. :D

November 5, 2009, 05:00 PM
Very nice. Who cares what folks say, as long as YOU like it. Moon clips in .44 Mag. Awesome. ;)

I stick with the .45 ACP for my Revolver USPSA stuff, but I can see how the .44 would fit that bill nicely. Nice work all the way around!

November 6, 2009, 01:15 PM
Super Cool!