View Full Version : New toy, 1898 pattern 1 butcher blade

October 30, 2009, 12:16 AM
Here's a few fuzzy pics of a German Butcher blade bayonet. I'm mostly sure of the ID.
B. STOCK & Co. BERLIN-MARIENFELDE is on the left face of the fort. On the spine of the fort there's a crown with a W (King Wilhelm II) under it then 15 (1915) and a small crown with a script possibly PB (could be a gothic D Deutschland) intertwined under it.

It only has a half ring for the barrel. That seems to be standard on the pattern 1 version of the 1898/05

This is a fairly common bayonet The sawback version is the one you want. Condition wise this is just barely good. Having the frog makes up for the condition though.
Probably worth in the low to mid $200 range.

I'm expecting another blade in the mail. That one will be a real corker.