View Full Version : JK Anniversary Knife EDC

October 28, 2009, 06:19 PM
I came home today to a nice package which came in the mail. After the day I had today this was an extra nice box to find from the Post Office.
My JK Anniversary EDC Knife came in the mail today from John at JK Handmade Knives (http://www.jkhandmadeknives.com) along with the pocket sheath, belt sheath, and another sheath I ordered for my SAK with fire steels.
I can honestly say I am truly impressed and John has made another long term customer here.

I had to block out my Agency name in that picture. My Department is touchy about that and it's a set rule.

Here's a picture of the knife up close on my vest. This is John's green micarta handle and it came out incredible. The pictures do not do this justice.


I ordered one of John's pocket sheaths to go along with this knife and a matching fire steel. This knife will truly be my EDC and will be in my pocket when on duty also as a backup.


I also had John make me a leather belt sheath for this knife for hunting season in addition to a leather sheath with fire steel for my Victorinox Soldier 2009.


This guy is damn good and made me exactly what I was looking for. When I come across someone like this I pass it along for others. Customer service is beyond question and communication is excellent. Two thumbs up.