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October 24, 2009, 08:42 AM
My barber is in his mid-eightys. He has no interest in guns or knives. He is a WWII Vet....having served mostly in Italy.

I have known this man since 1970. He has shown be a beautiful Luger that he brought back from Italy.

Yesterday he showed me two model 1917's......One is marked Model of 1917 WINCHESTER...s/n..1718**.

The other is marked Model of 1917 EDDYSTONE...s/n..2861**. On the stocks of both rifels there is a rectangle with 3GM-K inside.

Both look identical, and look unused.....no rust on the metal or marks on the wood. Both have original canvas straps.

I'm not into military rifles. He asked me what they are worth. I told him I didn't know, but would ask around. I expect he will pass them to his son. I dunno...

To those of you that are into this type of rifle, what are they worth..??

October 24, 2009, 09:29 AM
Aimsurplus is running a small collection of 1917's at $795 a piece,so you can start from there.CMP got some in from VFW's ,American Legions,and ROTC and were running at about $500,but in any decent shape dried up fast.Like 1903's when they come on the market they're soon gone.If in the excellent condition as stated the Winchester is highly popular and some would go for a $1000 and up,next desired is the Remington made,and last the Eddystone .Got several in addition to two Remington 30's,they're all great rifles.But like most the days of $150 American surplus rifles are gone.