View Full Version : Mean Mother Nature in Austria, now hunting banned there

October 21, 2009, 09:54 AM

Hunting banned in parts of Austria after hailstones kill 90pc of wild game

Hunting has been banned in parts of Austria after freak storms with tennis ball-sized hailstones killed up to 90 per cent of the wild game population.

Published: 10:36PM BST 19 Oct 2009
Hundreds of deer were discovered either dead or so badly injured they had to be put down by wildlife experts.
In the country's rural Salzburg province, 90 per cent of pheasants and 80 per cent of hares were killed in the hail storms.
Sepp Eder, the hunting chief, said : "Animals sought shelter in farms, in fields of grain but the hail was so heavy it smashed right into them. It may take five years for animal numbers to recover, if they ever do so."
Farmers are believed to have suffered more than £60 million in damages to crops and buildings.

October 21, 2009, 10:06 AM
Hunting is regulated differently in central Europe than the US. You don't get a tag for ONE animal, you lease hunting rights for a (usually substantial) area. As such you have a target quota (to maintain a target population) to kill - but that includes every killed animal in your area. So if a truck plows through 10 deer on the highway passing through your area, you just lost 10 kills for that year, similar here if you have a freak natural event. Nothing to do with banning, it's just that your quota for the next 5 years is gone.