View Full Version : OpticsPlanet $40 Coupon error!!!

October 20, 2009, 01:50 PM
Saw this posted earlier today and it is still in effect for Eotech red dot sights. I got $40 off a Mossyoak holosight 20 minutes ago.

credit to toolsforpros on thefirearmsforum.

From a newsletter i got the coupon code nv40off to take 40 bucks off night vision gear. I needed to get a red dot too and put an Eotech xps in my cart and went to check out. I ended up picking the wrong option for the night vision and took it out of the cart but the $40 coupon still worked. Tried a couple different red dot sights and the coupon went away, but when I tried Eotech red dots the coupon worked. Long story short I think they made the coupon for the wrong items and it works for Eotech Red Dots, doesnt even work for night vision like its supposed to. I didn't check a lot of them but if you are going to buy one try this coupon and see if you can get the discount before they change it. Good luck