View Full Version : Upscaled pistol

October 6, 2009, 11:28 PM
Alright so I have a little discussion questiong that I am bringing over from youtube. I had a guy talking about buying a sub-machinegun for PDW in situations where he wants to upscale slightly to something with a little bit more mag capacity. Well I got to thinking about this and remembered something that the Israeli's have been doing for a short period of time now, and the idea has been around since the handgun has been. Can you guess it? Think 1896 Mauser Broomhandle

Yep....stocks on a pistol. He has a glock, and we all know about the 30 round mags that glock offers. So does anyone know about reliability and quality of stocks for pistols now-a-days? I mean the general idea that shouldering the weapon will increase stability and accuracy seem fairly basic, but is it practical in real life? Just curious what other people might think.