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October 4, 2009, 06:40 PM
I recently acquired this pair of all-matching, sequentially-numbered Danish M47 (Model of 1947) Madsen Rifles in .30-06, made for Columbian Armed Forces ("Fuerzas Armadas") in 1958, ...and never issued. Each bayonet serial number matches its own rifle's s/n (scabbards included but not shown in pic).

Beautifully fitted and finished wood and metal. Magazine floor-plate pops open for convenient unloading or cleaning. Muzzle brake and padded buttplate to handle the stout recoil. The rear aperture sight (unfortunately mounted ahead of the receiver) is adjustable for both elevation and windage. Range report to follow soon, if this rain ever stops! :o


October 4, 2009, 06:55 PM
Beautiful rifles! I bet they are accurate.

October 4, 2009, 07:14 PM
Congratulations and have only seen two of these in the past and they were pricey. One had a non-Matching Serial number payonet and the other did not have one at all. There are a few of these out there but have not many. All seem to be in great condition and they are great shooters. What you have is rare and I have a fairly good idea of what one is worth but not two that you have. Seems that the bayonets are more rare than the rifle.

Be Safe !!!

October 4, 2009, 07:21 PM
If you got a good buy, I would say keep them as immaculate as possible, someone someday will want them with the matching numbers and bayonets together probably. Not like you are gonna go hunting with them so keep them nice and they are a great investment, probably. Well you would really have to mess up but I cannot see value dropping.

October 4, 2009, 08:08 PM
The Madsen is a very well made rifle, excellent irons and a beautiful stock. Easy to get ammo for in 30-06 too, excellent pair of rifles, im jealous

October 5, 2009, 04:47 AM
Very lovely pair of rifles!

October 5, 2009, 07:15 AM
Ah, yes, but they kick like a mule!

January 19, 2010, 03:09 PM
Here they are (again).