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September 14, 2009, 09:31 AM
I just bought a Davidson Firearms' (model 63B ?) 20 ga. SXS at our local flea market, just because it's old and I liked it. Unfortunately, it may as well have been a single barrelled shotgun -- seems that someone tried to "fix" it. I separated the trigger and guard from the lock and removed it from the stock. Whoever took it apart messed up the screws and filed on one of the parts they apparently thought was a problem. Anyway, I'm looking for parts, schematics, drawings, etc. that will help me get it fixed. I'm somewhat of a gunsmith, but I would rather take it to someone who knows more than I.

Anyone know a gunsmith who's familiar with Davidson Firearms' guns? Hopefully in the South East????

It was manufactured in Eibar, Spain by Fabrique de Armas, and according to the Blue Book, it has an Anson and Deeley boxlock.

From my research, its boxlock is not exactly like an original Anson and Deeley boxlock but a variation of it.