View Full Version : Parts for Monarch O/U

September 9, 2009, 12:22 AM
Does anyone know of asource for parts for a "Monarch" O/U 12 gauge shotgun. Already tried Numrich Gunparts Corp & Kassner Brothers ( the original importers). I believe they were made by Zabala in Spain circa 1970's?
Ellet Brothers sold a bunch in the 80's.Thanks for any help.

September 9, 2009, 09:12 AM
I know of no source for parts for the Churchill line made for Ellet and Kassnar. You might call Michael Kassnar, president of Charles Daly, and quiz him about possible parts sources. You can get contact info on the Charles Daly website.

Charles Daly
September 10, 2009, 07:24 PM
Our Customer Service manager was mistaken when he said we didn't have parts for the Monarch O&U. We do have some but not all. (Ask for Don, the Purchasing Manager.)

Please call us again (toll free) at 866-DalyGun and they will try and help you (now that they know where to look)!