View Full Version : wrong bolt in my Remington 750?

September 2, 2009, 04:28 PM
I bought a Remington 750 carbine in .308 a couple of years ago, and it has been a real pain in the neck. I continue to have feeding problems with it, even after four trips back to the Remington factory. As the bolt tries to cycle back, when there is a cartridge on the right side of the magazine, the bolt gouges the cartridge deeply, causing a jam. It seems as though the magazine is not in quite the correct place. I thought I had solved the problem with a new magazine latch, but no luck. I am on my fourth magazine, and they all work equally poor. When I was at a gunshop this past weekend there was a 750 in for repair and I asked if I could compare mine to it. Well, the bolts were quite different. The one in for repair had what looked like a stainless steel end piece(for lack of proper terminology,the piece with the locking lugs on it)and there was no longitudal rib on the bottom of the bolt. My bolt is all blued steel, and there is a longitudal rib about 1 1/4" long on the bottom of the bolt. I also compared mine to a model 7400 and they appear to have identical bolts. What is going on here, could I have the wrong bolt in my gun, even after four times to Remington? Please don't advise me to try Remington again, I have had it with their incompetence. I would like to know what the bolt is supposed to look like on a 750, and any ideas on the problem that you may have.

September 5, 2009, 12:10 AM
I don't believe that you have the wrong bolt, just that you need some minor rework that others have not recognized as a necessary element to reliable function and feeding.
I have had some new and used 7400, 4's, and 742's as well as 750 guns that had similar issues.
Some of them had combined problems to various degrees. I expect that your situation is not going to be difficult to correct, once I have inspected the details that tend to be the ones at fault.
I have regularly talked with a higher-up at the Remington plant about some of these details that I have uncovered and hope that there is a trickle-down of the knowledge imparted. I use him as a sounding board for situations where some factory verification/confirmation of what I have discovered is worthwhile to add weight to my own conclusions.
I would want the different magazines that have given problems as well as the rifle. I may be able to have Remington give some coverage, as well.

I am always wanting to improve my own knowledge base, and when I point out errors in postings, I hope that readers are as anxious to be informed rather than to resent any correction. If I am wrong, then my explanation won't hold water and another more-informed person is open to point out the error of my thoughts. My explanations are usually quite specific and thorough, and reading my previous postings will attest to that.