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September 1, 2009, 09:56 PM
i found a gun of grandpas imported by Herny Arms Comapny (not HENRY REPEATING ARMS COMPANY thats still in production) between 1890 and 1930 its a H. & D. Folsom Arms Company double barrel 12 guage shot gun says Herny Arms Co. on each side choked on the left barrel and on the rail it says twist finish belgium. can anyone tell me anything else about this gun

Harley Nolden
September 2, 2009, 07:18 AM
This is the distributors trade name from St paul MN on hammer and hammerless shotguns, (dbl) made by Crescent Fire Arms & Folsn

It is also a trade name used on Belgium shotguns 1900. Many of these shotguns were imported by Crescent and Folson arms company for the above distributor.

Mr Harley