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September 1, 2009, 04:00 PM
And when not to argue about whether someone should carry.


A Guy and a Gal, both 28, go out for a night of drinking with some friends. Oh, and the Gal's 4 year old daughter is along for the fun. On the way home, said Gal panics because she can't find the gun she usually carries in her purse. The Guy argues with her about why she needs to carry a gun in her purse, but somehow she finds it in the back seat.

The 4 year old needs to go to the bathroom, so the Gal takes her there, and the Guy continues to argue about her need to carry a gun.

The Gal shoots through the bathroom door to resolve the disagreement, resulting in the Guy losing a kidney and his spleen.

September 1, 2009, 04:09 PM
Just because there's an idiot with a gun who makes the news, doesn't mean it's a good topic for Tactics and Training. There are no "tactical" issues here that we need to discuss (unless "don't be a drunken idiot" counts as a tactic).

Having thoroughly explored the "Tactical" possibilities, let me think about whether we could fit this in under the "Training" rubric.


Good training doesn't do a doggone thing about determined idiocy like this. She was an idiot with a gun; she'd still be an idiot even if we signed her up for gunskul and taught her how to do a sub 10 second El Presidente. Ignorance is curable, but idiocy tends to be somewhat more permanent.

TFL's mission is to advance the cause of responsible firearms ownership. Now that we've pointed out that idiots breed, get drunk, and do stupid things with guns sometimes, I fail to see how discussing this news article any further would do anything at all to forward that mission.