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August 29, 2009, 10:48 PM
I posted a week or so ago about picking up a 1986 870 Wingmaster Police. The gun has a 20" cyl barrel.

Took it out today to test some ammo I've picked up. All loads are 2 3/4". This gun will be used for home defense. The ammo I had on hand was

Remington Express Long Range => 1,330 FPS, #4 shot
Remington Express Buckshot => 9 pellets of 00 Buck
Centurion Multi-Defense Buckshot => 1,300 FPS, has 1 ball dia of .650" and 6 balls of #1 Buck. (also known as "Buck & Ball")


First up was firing at 7 yards. The circle on the first 3 pics is the outline of a standard paper plate.

#4 shot

00 Buck

Buck & Ball


August 29, 2009, 10:51 PM
Next was firing at 14 yards

#4 shot

00 Buck

Buck & Ball

It was cool to see how these rounds patterned out of my own gun, and also good to know how it's going to perform with them so I can judge which I'd like to use in it. Obviously they would all be DEADLY at home defense ranges. I was pleased with the pattern from the 00 Buck and now see for my self why it is so popular. The Buck and Ball surprised my by how tight a spread it held. I guess I was expecting it to open up a little larger at those ranges.

I can see where each of these rounds would be desirable under different conditions. However, since you don't always know what the conditions will be in a home defense situation I guess I will go with the 00 Buck as the round that's in the mag tube at the ready. Maybe keep the Buck and Ball in the Speedfeed stock?