View Full Version : Lasik Surgery

August 20, 2009, 06:17 PM
I am thinking of getting this done, but I want some opinions from other idpa/uspsa/ipsc shooters. I wear glasses for distance (including shooting). I sit at a desk most of the day reading paperwork without using glasses. My eye doctor discussed having monovision lasik surger for me where one eye would be setup for distance and the other for close. I typically shoot with just my right eye open (I know I could/should learn to shoot with both eyes open). If I get the right eye done for distance, am I gonna have a hard time seeing my front sight? Has anyone experienced this? Any input would be appreciated.

Another option is to have both eyes setup for distance and wear glasses for reading if need be...

August 20, 2009, 09:56 PM
Can't advise you regarding laser surgery but I just had cataracts removed. This procedure removes the original eye lens and replaces it with a poly lens. The new lens does not focus so you have to choose either close or distance vision for each eye. I chose to have both eyes set for distance vision and use glasses for reading and shooting pistols. Beyond about 30-32 inches, I don't need any glasses at all. Personally I didn't think I would be comfortable with the monovision of one eye set for distance and one eye set for close. A lady friend of ours has this set up but she doesn't shoot. She also said it took about 3 weeks before she adjusted to the setup and could walk around without getting dizzy. Good luck with your choice.