View Full Version : Anyone else experience any X400 problems?

August 16, 2009, 02:29 PM
I have been a Surefire fan for years, and hope this does not turn into a bashing thread. However, I have not received an answer to the question posed to Surefire, so thought I would ask around here.

Has anyone else experienced or heard of any problems in adjusting the windage on the laser?

I pre-ordered an X400 late last year and finally received it a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the windage adjustment is too far off to the left and does not appear to have sufficient range of adjustment to move any further right to the center than about 2-3 feet at 20 yards.

I sent the unit back to Surefire who sent a new unit out to me with impressive speed. However, this second unit appears to suffer from the same problem as the first.

I own multiple Streamlight M6 laser/light units as well as Crimson Trace grips. Each of which have a full range of windage and elevation adjustment to easily adjust the laser. Each of the two Surefire X400 units I have received have sufficient elevation adjustment but lack rightward windage adjustment.

Has anyone else experienced or heard of similar problems?

Any responses are greatly appreciated.